meditation challenge

30 Day Meditation Challenge

GetMotivatedBuddies 30 Day Meditate Daily Challenge lets you take the first step towards reducing stress, improving focus and concentration, and increasing feelings of happiness and well-being. This challenge is for anyone looking to build a sustainable meditation habit and improve their overall well-being. With daily meditation sessions, support and resources, and personal growth and development, we’ve got you covered. Sign up now to get started on this journey with others.


No Porn Challenge

Join the GetMotivatedBuddies 30 Day No Porn Challenge and take the first step towards overcoming pornography addiction and restoring your dopaminergic pleasure-pain balance. This challenge is for anyone struggling with pornography addiction and looking for support and resources to break the cycle and make positive changes in their lives. With daily check-ins and peer support, we will help you develop strategies for abstention and work towards restoring balance. Sign up now and let’s make positive changes together.

become a morning person challenge

Become a Morning Person Challenge

Join our 30 Day Become a Morning Person Challenge and learn how to establish healthier sleep habits and improve productivity. Whether you’re a student, employee, or parent, this Challenge is designed to help you become a morning person by aligning your body’s circadian rhythm with a consistent sleep-wake cycle. You’ll learn from experts and join a supportive community of others working to improve their sleep habits. Together, you’ll work to create a consistent sleep routine, avoid screens and caffeine before bed, and get regular sunlight exposure during the day. You’ll also learn how to avoid napping and help your body’s circadian rhythm entrain to a healthy sleep-wake cycle. By the end of the Challenge, you’ll have gained better control over your daily habits and be on your way to becoming a morning person.

dry january challenge

Dry January 30 Day Challenge

Looking to kickstart your healthy habits in the new year? Join GetMotivatedBuddies Dry January challenge and discover the benefits of a month-long break from alcohol. Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, boost your energy levels, or save money, this challenge is for you. Sign up now and receive support and encouragement from our community as you take on this rewarding challenge.


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