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"You are 77.5% more likely to complete a goal when committing with a friend."

- Matthews, G. (2015). Goal Research Summary, Dominican University.

GMB connects two motivated people to hold themselves accountable.

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3. Start working towards your goals!

Get Fit. Study Daily. Lose Weight. Learn Spanish. Work Out. Wake Up at 5 AM. Procrastinate Less. Pass the MCAT. Lose 20 lbs. Read 1 book a week. Get a Six Pack. Finish PhD Dissertation. Quit Smoking. Lower Body Fat to 15%. Publish three papers. Sleep 7-8 hours a Day. Run 5 Miles. Develop my company. The list goes on...

(All real goals.)

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Jessica A., PST (Pacific Standard Time)
import_contacts Student. Goal: Improve studying.
"I was given a match who was actually willing to talk and reliable! Overall, this is a great program that I would recommend to anyone who needs a partner in crime to get you through your classes!"
Liam P., GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
fitness_center Student. Goal: Build a better body.
"GetMotivatedBuddies considered everything from personal goals, time zones to communication preferences which was useful in finding the most compatible buddy."

Success Stories

A Tale of Two Buddies: When Jenny Met Molly and They Became Accountability Partners
How do accountability partners help each other stay on track, manage distractions, and perhaps most significant, their emotions? While each relationship is unique, Molly and Jenny are two GetMotivatedBuddies who have developed an ultra-successful system to work through their difficulties and stay motivated. In the interview below, see if you can find the techniques they use...