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Build Habits With
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Choose your goals from one of four categories.

• Plan your habits.
• Get Triggers and Check ins.
• Earn points for checking in to your behaviors.
• Build up Your Accountability Score.

Get Buddies To Stay On Track

• Virtual and In Person
• Get Auto-Matched or Search
• Find Buddies by Keywords
• Timezone, Location, Gender,
• Chat on site, maintain privacy and safety
• See Each other’s progress towards your goals
• Earn up to Four Buddies

Join Groups to Find Others

• Find Buddies from your Gym or School or Apps
• Create your own for your friends and new buddies.
• Group Chat

Join Challenges to Amp Up Your Motivation

• From your Gym or School
• Create your own
• Use the power of deadlines to keep you going
• Learn from the power of experts

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What Are Buddies Saying?

“She understands my goals and I hers, we set up a reliable schedule and completely understand that sometimes we can't stick to it because life. I think this is the best match I could've possibly gotten. Made a friend out of it :)“

Jane M.

“My studybuddy is very consistent with contact we have great conversations and i feel very lucky that it went so good! =) “

Ross W.

“Sasha is professional, friendly, honest and passionate about her work. She is great at expressing herself and is also a good listener. She updates frequently and is a committed partner.”

Justin A.

Based on Proven Psychological Principles

We have optimized the dynamics of accountability. 
The system integrates Behavioral Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 
Theory of Personality, Motivational Psychology, Social Psychology and 
the Neuroscience of Behavior. 
....and it's fun!

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John D.

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