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We Are Fixing the Human Alignment Problem

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We've helped over 16,398 buddies reach their goals.

How Does GMB Work?

 An environment of continuous positive reinforcement to help you stay engaged.

Step 1.

Add a Plan for Your Behaviors

Planning increases follow through by more than 10x. Especially effective for those with ADHD.

planning increases follow through by 10x
Search for buddies

Step 2.

Discover Buddies Who Understand Your ADHD Journey

An accountability partner increases follow through by over 70%. Connect with peers who understand challenges of ADHD.

Step 3.

Join Groups for Motivation

Group pressure creates behavior change that sticks. Feel the power of community support.

Join groups to increase motivation
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Step 4.

Join and Create Challenges To Get It Done

Challenges create friendly competition to help you show up for what you’ve planned. Keep your ADHD in check with deadlines and peer support.

Based on Behavioral Psychology & ADHD Research

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 GMB integrates principles from

  • Tiny Habits
  • Spotlight Theory of Attention
  • Psychodynamics
  • Köhler Motivation Gain Effect
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Self-Determination Theory

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What Do More Buddies Say?


She understands my goals and I hers, we set up a reliable schedule and completely understand that sometimes we can't stick to it because of life. I think this is the best match I could've possibly gotten. Made a friend out of it :)“

Jane M.

testimonial 2

“My confidence at work has gone through the roof and I'm feeling great now.“

Glen W.

testimonial 3

“Sasha is professional, friendly, honest and passionate about her work. She is great at expressing herself and is also a good listener. She updates her notes frequently and is a committed partner.”

Justin A.

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