The mission of GetMotivatedBuddies is to leverage technology to measurably improve wellbeing for individuals and society. 

Wellbeing is a metric that measures the quality of human life across a set of variables. The most significant variables are:

  • Autonomy – You feel you can make meaningful choices in their life.
  • Competence – You feel competent at doing meaningful things.
  • Relatedness – You have meaningful relationships with others.


GetMotivatedBuddies is a system that aims to measurably improve autonomy, competence and relatedness for individuals and groups.


    • We believe meaningful human relationships are at the core of individual and social change.
    • We believe the power of the internet can be used to improve wellbeing.
    • We believe technology overlooks the most potent technology accessible to everyone: our minds and our relationships.
    • We believe there is a mental health crisis and a lack of available resources for people to get help.
    • We believe the ad based business model on the internet creates bad incentives.
    • We believe the ad based business model has deleterious consequences for an individual’s attention and wellbeing.
    • We believe the deluge of information the internet has created makes life next to impossible to navigate and radically shifts our priorities.
    • We believe the negative consequences of the internet can be mitigated.
    • We believe human beings fundamentally have more in common with one another than that which separates them.
    • We believe simply showing up is the greatest form of courage.
    • We believe self-reflection leads to self-development.
    • We believe in a spectrum of privacy. Some things are private and other things are public.
    • We believe people and businesses have shared goals.
    • We believe there is a space to connect with others meaningfully that sits between therapy and family and friends.