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Get access to unlimited buddies and behavioral challenges to help you follow through with your most important long-term commitments in all areas of your life, for 1/10th the price of a coach.


$ 24
99 /month
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$ 14
99 /month
  • Billed annually at 179.88
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$ 19
99 /month
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What you get

Behavior Change that works

Unlimited behavioral plans in 4 categories: Health & Fitness, Work, Learn and Life. SMS and Text Reminders and check-ins. Positive reinforcement. Visualize your progress. Join and create unlimited challenges.

A social network that helps you

4 Buddies for different categories. One-to-one chat. Search for buddies from around the world. Get auto-matched. Join public and private groups. Find people working toward the same goals. Find people from your school, gym, work or apps. See your all your Buddies’ progress.

A game because life is fun

Grow your Accountability Score. Join cohort based challenges. Compete with your Buddies. Compete against groups. Earn points simply for checking in.

My buddy and I have Similar Goals

Student or teacher? Click here  to apply and fill out the form for the education rate of $60/year.

Valid student or teacher ID required.

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"A subscription was a no-brainer, as I find my time very valuable, and I already was seeing improvements in my habits. I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking to make their days not only more successful, but also socially fulfilling.

Esther P., Software Engineer


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