Supporting SAG-AFTRA & WGA Members During the Strike

Get access to our community support platform during the strike for SAG-AFTRA and WGA members. Join challenges, groups and more as we stand together.

SAG-AFTRA and WGA members staying motivated during the strike with GetMotivatedBuddies

Standing Together

As a fellow SAG-AFTRA member and actor, I understand first-hand the unique pressures brought on by this strike. The lack of institutional support is why I created GetMotivatedBuddies – to help fill the gap through peer empowerment.

To maintain our commitment in this critical struggle, as well as our health and wellbeing, I’m offering SAG-AFTRA, WGA, and related union members pay-what-you-can access to GetMotivatedBuddies for the duration of the strike.

75% of proceeds will go to support funds assisting non-union workers affected by the work stoppage. This is about standing together.

Find Camaraderie During the Strike

SAG-AFTRA members protesting with signs during the strike

As entertainers, we know the power of collaboration. GetMotivatedBuddies brings that spirit online, merging social accountability, and gamification to help you achieve goals.

Our platform is modeled on the camaraderie of rehearsals and writing partnerships. Connect with fellow SAG-AFTRA and WGA members in chats and challenges tailored for the strike.

Work on your writing projects, join a Picket Challenge, or simply build the habit of staying fit – with others.

It’s a unique community to stay motivated, connected, and focused on wellbeing and, now, strike actions, while keeping eyes on the prize.

Support Through Flexible Pricing

We’re providing pay-what-you-can memberships to union members and affected entertainment professionals during the strike.

GetMotivatedBuddies is a comprehensive behavior change platform to help you follow through on your most important goals. Connect in private group chats and messaging. Join challenges like “30 Day Picketing Challenge” or “Strike Mindfulness” to stay engaged. Or create your own related to your own priorities.

75% of proceeds go to The Entertainment Community Fund, so your contribution gives back. Together, we can make an impact.

Join the Movement

Enter your info to get access to the GetMotivatedBuddies community.

We’ll verify your SAG-AFTRA or WGA membership and send you an invite shortly after. Let’s support each other during this difficult time and stay focused on the long term goals.


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