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WorkChoose Most Important Thing To Do5
Health & Fitnesslose 5 pounds2
LearnLograr el hábito de estudio por la mañana5
LifeMeditate Daily for 1 Week1GetMotivatedBuddies
LifeMeditate 20 minutes a day with Headspace2Headspace
LifeMeditate Daily for 20 minutes with Waking Up2Waking Up
Health & FitnessWalk Daily2GetMotivatedBuddies
Health & FitnessCouch to 5K Race6Runners
WorkComplete 6 pomodoros daily at work1
Health & FitnessBajar talla1
Health & FitnessRun 3x week2
Health & FitnessCount calories everyday1
WorkLaunch my business1
WorkFinished remainder of book!1
Health & Fitness10k Run Training6
LifeGet 7 hours uninterrupted sleep - Read Plan1
LifeGratefulness - Meditation1
Health & FitnessWeekday walking plan to maintain fitness2
Health & FitnessWeekday workout Plan using FitnessBlender2
Workbuild fullstack app, (user analytics dashboard for iphone app)1
Learnmaster tech interview questions1
LifeDon't Nap1
Health & Fitnessstop binge eating1
LifeSleep 7.5 hours or more1
Health & Fitness8 or more glasses of water every day1
Health & FitnessLose weight1
WorkComplete 4 Pomodoros at work Daily1
LifeI wake up at 6 am everyday (w/ coffee aid).8
Health & FitnessGet comfortable working out structurally1
Health & FitnessWeekend hiking plan1
LifeGet 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night – Read at 10PM2
Health & Fitness7 Minute Workout2
LifeM meditate5
Health & Fitnesslose 20 lbs by March 1st.5
Health & FitnessLose 7 lb in two months1
Health & FitnessLose 7lb by February 29th10
LifeWake Up Early13
Health & FitnessLose 7lb by February 295
LifeWake Up Early13
LifeMeditate 20 minutes for 4 weeks with Waking Up App4
LearnLearn English using Hello Talk4
Workcreate a thing4
Health & Fitnesshealthy eating habits13
Learnlearn a foreign language12
WorkCreate in evenings5
WorkChoose Most Important Thing Daily5
Health & Fitness100 Days of Exercise13
LifeGet into Bed by 11pm3
Learnmy study plan5
WorkPlan The Next Day5
Health & FitnessSoccer training4
WorkWork on book5
Health & FitnessRun saturdays4
Workkeep up with work5
LifeMeditate 30 Minutes a day with Waking Up App5
WorkProductive work hours1
Health & Fitnessincrease weight lifted in a month5
Health & FitnessGo food shopping at the same time every other day mid-week2
Workincrease weight lifted in a month5
Lifewake up4
LifeRelationship Improvement10
WorkChoose Most Important Thing To Do - 1 Week1
WorkWork 5x a week4
WorkFinished remainder of book!1
LifeCorona Calls - Call One Person a Day2
LifeOrganize at home2
LifeMeditate Daily for 1 Week1
WorkReview Weekly Work Plan to Make Adjustments (15min)4
Health & FitnessReview Weekly Health & Fitness Plan4
WorkChoose Most Important Thing Each Day [1 Week]1
Health & Fitness7 minute workout Daily & Kettlebell 3x Week optional [2 Weeks]2
Health & FitnessWorkout Daily 15min [1 Week]1
LifeTry something new for one week2
LearnStudy / Learn 3 times a week for 45 minutes6
LifeMeditate daily2
Work5 Desings3
LifeMeditate Daily [2 Weeks]2
Health & FitnessRunning1
Health & FitnessWorkout Daily [2 Weeks]2
LifeCorona Calls: Call 1 Person a Day (2 weeks)2
LifeOpen Office Hours with Michael G! (Zoom Video)1
WorkGMB Dev Check In2
Health & FitnessCreate work-out habit10
WorkWork 6 hours a day focused12
Health & FitnessChest/Abs Workout program for April.5
Health & FitnessHIIT for 30 minutes at Living Room1
LearnFinish all the courses I started.3
LifeMeditate Daily 5-45min [3 Weeks]3
Health & FitnessMorning workout1
WorkWork on top 3 projects for a minimum of 3 hours per day3
WorkCreate Designs5
WorkGMB Dev Check In2
WorkWork Schedule4
LifeDo Laundry for 15 minutes at home1
Health & FitnessWalk Outside1
WorkGMB Dev Check In2
WorkCode for 2 hours at Home1
LearnStudy / Learn Saturday & Sunday for 45 minutes3
LearnReading news for 30 minutes1
WorkWork 4 h/day w/o distractions for the next 7 days1
Health & FitnessWorkout for 1 hour at In my appartment1
Health & FitnessLose 5 pounds1
Work2 Productive Hours Every Weekday12
Health & FitnessStrength Workout for 20 minutes at home1
LifeStudy Italian1
LifeMeditate for 20 minutes at living room1
LifeRead the Bible more12
Health & FitnessBeachbody workout T207
Learncomplete physiology1
Health & FitnessWalk for 1 mile1
LearnRead a Book for 15 minutes1
LifeWake Up Early for 30 minutes at at home1
WorkPlan Day for 20 minutes at home1
WorkFinish To Do Task In Microsoft Edge1
Health & FitnessClean out internal bacteria by eating raw carrot daily5
WorkCoffee and Plan4
Health & FitnessWorkout For 15 Minutes Everyweekday In The Mornings3
WorkFinish 1 Most Important Task Every Day5
WorkFinish the 2nd most important work of the day5
Health & FitnessNew Habits5
LearnNew Habits5
LifeFocused meditation 2X 10 minutes a day2
Health & FitnessTop 8 Life5
LearnTop 8 Life5
WorkTop 8 Life5
LifeMeditate Daily [July 1 - July 31]5
Health & FitnessWalk Daily5
LearnRead for 1 hour before bed1
WorkCoffee and Plan [July 9 - July 31]4
LifeWake up early1
LifeRead consistently for 3 weeks4
WorkComplete all tasks on to-do list for the day2
Health & Fitness< 10 minutes daily yoga5
LifeMeditate for 10 minutes at lake1
Health & FitnessWalk 10 000 steps every day6
LifeNO PHONE!!!!!5
Health & FitnessLose weigt according to myfitnesspal goals12
LifeMeditate Daily (August 1 - August 31)6
Health & FitnessDaily Exercise [August 1 - August 31]6
Health & FitnessWalk 10,000 Steps a Day... Or Less (August 1- August 31)6
LifeRead challenge 5-10 min. with Breakfast5
LifeWhat Did You Do Today?4
WorkLog Your Day4
LearnGRE 60 Day Study Challenge5
WorkCoffee & Plan5
WorkCoffee & Plan4
Health & FitnessLog Calorie Intake and Weight5
WorkDo one important task you've been avoiding5
Health & FitnessStrength Workout for 20 minutes at home1
LifeMeditate Daily for 1 Month5
Health & FitnessExercise Daily Any Length of Time for 1 month5
Health & FitnessWalk Daily for 1 Month5
WorkPlan and Log Your Day 30 Day Challenge5
WorkUX 1 Hour Meeting Challenge1
Health & FitnessWorkout 5 days/week5
WorkFinish the most important task of the day5
LifeWake up at 6:30am5
LifeSleep and Wake Up Plan3
WorkPriority Work Tasks #1-35
Health & FitnessWeekly fitness progress retrospective11
WorkLog my day's tasks5
WorkDaily Standup - GMB Private2
LifeMeditate 5 Minutes1
Health & FitnessLog Calories, Weight and Plan Food4
LifeMeditate Every Day6
LearnIntellectual Deep Dive1
Health & FitnessWeight Loss Challenge4
Health & Fitnesslose 1kg a week5
LifeMeditate 5 Minues per Day5
LearnStudy 5x a Week6
LearnLearn Russian everyday10
WorkGMB Daily Video Standup [Private]3
WorkGMB Daily Standup Challenge [Private]3
Health & FitnessCalisthenics 3x per week4
Health & FitnessRun 9 laps (9*400 m)1
WorkGMB Daily Standup [Open] [September 25th - October 11th]3
WorkKris Morning Routine5
Health & FitnessWorkout for 30 minutes5
WorkComplete 90% of your weekly work schedule1
LearnWriting Challenge1
Health & FitnessWork Out for 30m4
LearnRead before bed3
LifeMeditate for 5 minutes1
LifeMeditation Experiments with Richard Lang [Video]3The Headless Way
LifeWake up Earlier5
WorkLIVE: Morning Coffee and Focus [Zoom] PST1
WorkLIVE: Morning Coffee and Focus [Zoom] [15 min] [PST]1
WorkBreak Day into 5 Minute Tasks12
Health & FitnessCalisthenics 3x per week4
LifeLIVE: Meditate with Michael [Video] [30min]1
LifeLIVE: Meditate with Michael 7 Days [20min] [Audio] [Waking Up App]1
WorkPrioritizing Time1
WorkMeditate Live with Michael 20min [Audio] [Waking Up App]1
LifeLIVE: Meditate with Michael 20min [Audio) [Waking Up App]1
LifeRead 20 minutes daily6
Health & FitnessNap for 15min1
Health & FitnessSleep early5
LearnRead book1
LifeMeditate 7 Days [LIVE] [20min] [Audio] [Waking Up App]1
Health & FitnessWorkout 7 Days 15 min2
Health & FitnessWorkout 7 Days 15 min1
LearnRead for 1 hour at Home1
LifeMeditate for 10min everyday1
LifeBuild Community6
Health & FitnessDecide What You're Eating Today3
LifeWake Up Early (6:30am)5
Health & FitnessDo one hour of Exercise everyday for 1 month5
WorkWork Buddy Weekly Check in Plan (4 weeks)3
Health & FitnessStretch 15 min/day5
Health & Fitness12k steps a day6
LearnStudy for 30 min/day5
WorkChoose MIT (Most Important Thing) [Morning]4
LifeMeditate at 8AM PST Live Audio [Waking Up App]1
Learn6.30am business/motivational book club4
LifeFocus on my WHY1
LifeGet Naked1
WorkWork Buddy Weekly Check-in (4 weeks)3
LearnLearning a foreign language 1 hour a day6
LifeWake up 6am everyday3
Health & FitnessOnline workout5
WorkThree session work day EST5
LifeGet Out of Bed 7 Days2
Health & FitnessWalk for 30 minutes at neighborhood1
WorkChoose Most Important Thing To Do5GetMotivatedBuddies
Life10 Min Meditation Daily4
Health & FitnessDaily Run5
Life6:30AM Wake Up4
WorkWork Block One4
WorkWork Block Two (Light)4
LearnRussian Study4
Health & FitnessLift4
WorkDeep Work 90min/Day1
Health & FitnessNo Sugar5
LifeGet Out of Bed 7 Days [Dec 6 -13]2
Health & Fitnessstrengthx3 cardiox28
Health & FitnessWalk for 45 min1
Health & Fitness[Starter Plan] Drink 1 Glass of Water Per Day1GetMotivatedBuddies
Work[Starter Plan] Choose Most Important Thing1GetMotivatedBuddies
Life[Starter Plan] 1 Minute Daily Meditation1GetMotivatedBuddies
Learn[Starter Plan] 1 Minute Read Daily1GetMotivatedBuddies
WorkWork Buddy Weekly Check-in (4 weeks)4
WorkWork Buddy Weekly Check-in (2 Weeks)2
LearnEdit 5 pages a day5
Lifewake up at 7:30 am MST4
LifeGet Out of Bed 7 Days2GetMotivatedBuddies
LearnDave Farrow Memory Week 1 [Premium]2Farrow Memory
Health & FitnessYoga, Read, Meditate5
LearnYoga, Read, Meditate5
LifeYoga, Read, Meditate5
LearnGet Right4
LifeGet Right4
LifeLog Distracted Browsing (3 Weeks)3
WorkDo your most important thing for 30 days6
WorkDeep Work for 1 hour 30 minutes at home1
Health & FitnessWorkout 6 Days/wk for One Month5GetMotivatedBuddies
Health & FitnessWorkout Daily January Challenge5
LifeGet Out of Bed 7 Day Challenge2
WorkWork Buddy Weekly Check-in (4 weeks)4GetMotivatedBuddies
LearnDave Farrow Memory Challenge [Week 1] [Premium]2
Health & FitnessDry January6
LifeBuild journaling habit5
WorkChoose Most Important Thing To Do5
LearnStudy 2 hours3
LifeMeditate Daily for 1 Month4GetMotivatedBuddies
Health & FitnessChoose Food | Log Calories & Weight (2 Events/Day) [1 Month]4
WorkWrite & Publish 1 Blog Post a Week2Marketing
Learnwrite 10K words per day4
Lifewake up5
Health & FitnessGo for a walk/run5
Health & Fitnessworkout11
LifeWake up at 6 am4
Health & FitnessDaily run12
Workcomplete one project a day6
WorkDeep Work Commitment4
LearnStudy for Exams3
Health & FitnessDiet and Strength1
Health & FitnessGo to bed on time1
Health & FitnessStretch for 5min1
LearnTo reduce social media1
LearnDave Farrow Memory Week 1 [Premium]2
WorkWork Buddy Weekly Check-in (4 weeks)4
Health & FitnessBe more energetic4
Learnlearn react native (15 min a day)3