GetMotivatedBuddies Affiliate Program

motivator affiliate program

How it Works

Our Affiliate Program is structured with two unique tiers, each tailored to different levels of engagement and opportunity. As a Motivator, you’ll have the chance to guide your community towards their most ambitious goals, all while earning a portion of each subscription you generate. In essence, we offer a revenue-sharing model that truly reflects and rewards your influence.

Tier 1: Motivator

  • Earn a percentage from every subscription you refer for up to one year. Connect your followers to our platform and empower them to achieve their goals together.

  • Promote challenges that align with your audience’s interests and goals. Help them find the right community and resources on our platform, fostering their commitment to personal growth and development.
  • Encourage their goals, and profit from their progress.
    Motivator Affiliate
    Motivator Plus

    Tier 2: Motivator Plus

    • Get up to 90% of subscriptions from the ongoing challenges you manage or run.
    • Propel your community growth by managing your community groups and creating new challenges.
    • Have your unique landing page to direct your followers towards specific challenges related to their interests and issues.

    Who We're Looking For

    We’re seeking influencers and experts who specialize in areas such as: health, fitness, wellness, addiction recovery, chronic disorders management, diet, studying, writing, motivation, work improvement, self-quantification, and productivity. We’re particularly interested in those who have a significant online presence and a community that looks up to them for guidance and motivation. We vet all our Motivators, ensuring that our affiliates are a perfect match for our community and mission.

    Ready to Become a Motivator?

    Apply to our Affiliate Program. Fill in the questionnaire, and let’s explore how we can work together to inspire your community towards their goals.


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