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GetMotivatedBuddies is a social behavior change platform that helps you stick to long term goals through structure and likeminded people.  

The structure lets you know what to do and when to do it, and Buddies help you clarify why you’re doing it. That’s motivation.

It’s actually quite simple. 

1. Commit to a behavioral plan from our marketplace or make one of your own. 

2. Check-in to that plan and earn points.

3. Observe your Buddy’s check-ins and help them stay on track. 

4. They’ll do the same for you. 

5. Make adjustments to improve.

As a Buddy wrote, “It simply works.”

You can have up to 4 Buddies for different areas of your life. A Health and Fitness Buddy, a Work Buddy, a Learn Buddy and Life Buddy for things like meditation or tech reduction.

You can also maintain relationships with others through groups and challenges.

Of course! You can chat with all 4 Buddies, and they can see your plans you can see theirs. You can also chat in your groups and challenges.

It doesn’t work. If it did, you wouldn’t be here.

We’ve been matching buddies for a long time, and we’ve learned that these modes of communication have too many distractions. They also create a sense of urgency that doesn’t help your accountability relationship or your behaviors. 

GetMotivatedBuddies is a carefully designed system to create real behavior change.

If a Buddy chooses to show their location, you will be able to find buddies near you.  Until then, you can search by timezone. 

Most other apps are not effective for long term behavior change, that’s why people go from app to app constantly hoping something will stick.  

People don’t stick with these apps, because they use these ineffective methodologies:

  • Punishment or loss avoidance. (e.g. You pay $ if you don’t go to the gym).
  • A black and white approach to behavior: (e.g. You either did your habit or you didn’t.)
  • You have to work alone.
  • You have to use a mobile app, where you’re likely to get distracted by everything else. 

GetMotivatedBuddies has been designed to actually help you over the long term.

  • You build meaningful friendships.
  • You have fun.
  • You get to know yourself and feel empowered.
  • You see deep progress.

Even though buddies form deep and meaningful relationships on here, everyone’s primary goal is to find partners who best help you do what you plan to do. Over time you create a team of like-minded supporters. 

Our priority is to make this affordable to everyone. It is many times more affordable than private coaching and often far more effective. Check out the pricing page, and be sure to ask for any current promotions.

We have affordable options for students, educators and people in need, click here to apply for student pricing.


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