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May 20 - June 9, 2024​

2.5 Hours a Day​

Beginner -Intermediate​

No Equipment Needed

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Raising funds for your startup is a numbers game. But the process can feel like an endless cycle of reaching out, following up, and waiting for responses. What if there was a way to streamline this process, making it efficient and habitual in just 21 days? The Columbia Founder Community Daily Investor Outreach Challenge is designed to help you do just that. With a buddy to motivate you and a group to keep you accountable, you can develop the habit of consistently and effectively engaging potential investors for your startup.

Overwhelmed Buddy

What to Expect

Three Weeks, Daily Outreach

For three weeks, you’ll focus on mastering the art of investor outreach. Each day, you’ll complete a specific action to enhance your investor engagement skills. By the end of Week 1, you will have reached out to multiple potential investors and refined your approach based on their feedback. Weeks 2 and 3 will reinforce these strategies and help you secure more meaningful interactions. This 5-step process is designed to help you build a solid foundation for raising startup funds efficiently. Practice it with Buddies and in a group for maximum impact.


Group Power

Why the GMB System is 80% More Effective at Building Habits

Positive Reinforcement

For every session, just check in with how much you did and earn points

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Meaningful Relationships

Get a One-on-One Buddy to help you follow through with your Plans

Buddy Chat Peer Support

• Get a Buddy

• Chat

• See Each Other’s Check-ins

• Accountability Support

Group Motivation

Get motivated from the power of the group

• Leaderboards

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• Group Calendar

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And MUCH more

GMB works because it’s Holistic, Adaptable, Fun and uses Evidence Based Psychological Principles

More Questions?

How is this different from a course?

GetMotivatedBuddies is a behavior-based platform designed to help you take actionable steps towards your goals rather than just passively consuming content. Unlike traditional courses where you watch videos or read materials, this challenge focuses on daily activities that you actively complete. Each day, you’ll engage in specific tasks, such as drafting and sending personalized emails to potential investors, analyzing feedback, and refining your strategies. You can choose your own times to take these actions, fitting them within your schedule while still participating with others. This approach ensures that you are consistently progressing towards your goal of effective investor outreach, supported by a community and accountability measures.

Is this live or by video, audio, or something else?

This challenge primarily consists of structured daily tasks and email outreach activities that you can complete on your own schedule. While there are no live sessions required, you’ll benefit from daily guidance and feedback to ensure you’re on the right track. Throughout the 21-day challenge, you will also have the opportunity to participate in group chats and discussions with fellow participants to share experiences, insights, and support each other. Additionally, you can check in with your buddy via email or SMS, and there will be regular group updates and progress checks to keep everyone motivated and accountable.

Why do I have to subscribe to do the challenge?

GetMotivatedBuddies Challenges introduce you to ongoing behavior change. This is a holistic platform to help you improve in all areas of your life: Health & Fitness, Work, Learn and Life. When you join you have access not only to this challenge and members, but also to thousands of other Buddies, behavioral plans and challenges in other categories.

What if I can't make this challenge?

This will be a repeating challenge and you can join the next one.

Does it matter what timezone I'm in?

Anyone in any timezone can participate.


This is so exciting and brilliant. It is pulling me out of my dire funk already. The feeling of support makes me motivated to do things (instead of not doing anything and worrying).
Effie K.
This site was such a breath of fresh air after spending years feeling like I was just not capable of making any progress on my goals!!
red buddy
Ellen B.
Losing 4.4 lbs is totally worth the subscription I just purchased.
John D.
Gennadi N.
The app was phenomenal, I haven't had a pre-planned, self- directed, productive day like this in ever! Thank you!
Kevin H.
Got my run in, I doubt I would have gone if it wasn't for you two!
Tom R.
I can't think of an app or intervention I've used that comes close to this.I think I'll be on this app as long as I live lol.
Jennifer Y.

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