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Matching Update

We’re improving daily at helping you find the perfect BuddyMatch for the ultimate in accountability. We’ve updated our form to help you make more specific choices to match more quickly and more specifically. Read on to see some of our improvements.


Match in Different Timezones

Want more matches? Now you can match with someone only in your timezone, +/- 1 hour from your timezone or in any timezone. Although we believe the best results will come from someone in your own timezone, you can get more matches by choosing others as well. The default for current users is +/- 1 hour.

Timezone Selection Img

Choose Your Habit

Want better matches? We’ve standardized the categories and the most popular goals and habits.

Category Selection img
Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness img

If you choose Lose Weight:

Lose lbs img

Diet Exercise img

studying habit img

work habit

Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle Habits img

Choose Your Exact Age Range

One of the most common reasons people would decline BuddyMatches was the match would be out of their preferred selected range. Now you can choose an exact age range of your Buddy.

age range img

Choose Your Educational Level

educational level img

If you’re working on your Master’s thesis, perhaps you’d prefer to work with someone also working on theirs.

educational level img

Choose How Broadly to Match

Now you can choose to only match with someone who chose your habit or someone in the entire category. If you haven’t been getting matches, try broadening your category.

habit category matching img

How to Update Your Profile

If you signed up before Friday, February 23rd, we automatically upgraded your profile to this new system and made some default choices for you.

To make changes, go to the main sign up form , fill it out again, and your profile will automatically be updated.

Coming Next

Profile pages and the ability to change things more easily, and of course, the GMB system to start tracking your work together.

“Made my week 100% better!”
– Debbie S.

p.s. Check out our new landing page!

p.p.s. Our Winner of the $150 Amazon gift card was Debbie S. from New Zealand. She wrote – “made my week 100% better!” – which, coincidentally, is our goal here at GetMotivatedBuddies.

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