Life, Meet Cookie Dough

We all want to “Just Do It”. Just lose weight, just go to the gym, just study, just get an A. But something always seems to get in the way. One buddy described her weakness as “I give in to cookie dough.” Who wouldn’t? It’s delectable! Another buddy wrote, “I have a binge eating problem” . Another: “I eat out of boredom”  and one more: “My diet is inconsistent”. Yes! We understand. Why? Because we’re human. And we all experience this frustration. And the frustration is known as Life. I give in to Cookie Dough


So many of us recognize that something isn’t quite right with our behavior. There’s a disconnect between who we want to be vs. who we are. Between who we imagine ourselves to be and those behaviors we’re taking right now. Behaviors that definitely won’t lead to our imagined fit and slim selves, like bingeing on irresistible cookie dough. But there is massive hope! Because recognizing something isn’t working is that first step toward making our imagined selves real.

Just Do It?

Don’t you wish you could just say no to those extra crackers? Or just get up and go to the gym? Or just wake up at 5 am and go running? You know, Just Do It.™ Self improvement forums are full of comments like “Just wake up early!“, “Just get to the gym!” Just don’t eat sugar!” Well, as my high school acting teacher said, There is no just in the theater.” Everything on stage has meaning, a reason to be there. Hamlet doesn’t just go and give a speech about whether to be or not to be. If he did, the play would have closed the first night, and never been seen again. It’s precisely in that space of not being able to just do it that you learn what you need to do it. You are learning what you, as an individual, need to thrive, and why. This is precisely how we grow as human beings. It’s why Hamlet’s story survived for 400 years – because we watch him not being able to just do it, then learn what he needs to be able to do it (in this case, kill his uncle – please don’t just do that).  As a result, we learn from Hamlet’s growth as a person. This learning process is literally what makes life worth living – and it’s also – hard. (Hamlet is four hours long).

Tough But Worth It

And that’s why your buddy is so important. You need another person to help you get there. Someone to give you outside perspective on how and what you’re doing. Someone working towards the same goal. Someone without judgement. Hamlet had Horatio – so, who do you have?


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This is one behavior that’s incredibly easy. So, Just Do It. 🙂 p.s. What’s your weak spot? Let everyone know in the comments below. Embrace it!

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