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Busy Moms
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Busy Mom Workout

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A One on One and Group Experience

7 Days of Tiny habits

14 days of Habit Bulding

7 days of testing

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Are you tired of always feeling like you’re never going to fit in a workout? Are you too busy with kids, your job, the household, your hobbies, or your life? Are you tired of thinking about working out, but never actually doing it?

Would you like to start working out, but you just can’t find the time?  For many people, getting started is the hardest part, because simply: fitness for moms is difficult.

After years of working with busy moms, we realized the biggest barrier to starting a fitness program is finding the time and motivation to get started. That’s why we created a 28-day program that’s designed to help you build the habit of working out.

The goal isn’t to workout hard, it’s to workout consistently. It’s 28 days, and it’s simple. You’ll meet amazing people, see results, and create a new habit that will benefit you and your family for years to come

Why the GMB System is 80% More Effective at Building Habits

Positive Reinforcement

For every session, just check in with how much you did and earn points

mindfulness meditation check in

Meaningful Relationships

Get a One-on-One Buddy to help you follow through with your Plans

Buddy Chat Peer Support

• Get a Buddy

• Chat

• See Each Other’s Check-ins

• Accountability Support

Group Motivation

Get motivated with the power of the group

• Leaderboards

Group Posts

• Group Chat

• Group Calendar

mindfulness meditation challenge points

And MUCH more

GMB works because it is Holistic, Adaptable, Fun, and uses  Evidence Based Psychological Principles

• SMS and Email Reminders

Create Your Own Plans & Challenges

• Share and Import Plans

•  Measure Your Accountability

• Earn up to 4 Buddies

Get Auto-Matched with Buddies

• Search for Buddies 

• Maintain Your Privacy


This site was such a breath of fresh air after spending years feeling like I was just not capable of making any progress on my goals!!
red buddy
Ellen B.
Losing 4.4 lbs is totally worth the subscription I just purchased.
John D.
Gennadi N.
This is so exciting and brilliant. It is pulling me out of my dire funk already. The feeling of support makes me motivated to do things (instead of not doing anything and worrying).
Effie K.
The app was phenomenal, I haven't had a pre-planned, self- directed, productive day like this in ever! Thank you!
Kevin H.
Got my run in, I doubt I would have gone if it wasn't for you two!
Tom R.
I can't think of an app or intervention I've used that comes close to this.I think I'll be on this app as long as I live lol.
Jennifer Y.


Affordable access to this challenge plus hundreds of plans, unlimited challenges, and thousands of buddies.


$ 24
99 /month
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$ 14
99 /month
  • Billed annually at 179.88
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$ 19
99 /month
  • Billed bi-annually at 119.94

More Questions?

These are behaviors you can do on your own time - with others. There are also live sessions to meet others. We have videos available for your use, or you can use your own exercises. 

As a behavior based platform,  rather than watching people do things, GetMotivatedBuddies focuses on helping you actually do things.  For each day you can choose your own times to workout, while still participating with others! 

GetMotivatedBuddies is a holistic platform to help you improve in all areas of your life: Health & Fitness, Work, Learn and Life. When you join you have access to thousands of other Buddies, behavioral plans and challenges in addition to this one.

This will be a repeating challenge and you can join the next one.

Simply check in each day to the lesson with how much you did! Since 90% of people don't complete what they start, simply by checking in every day, you have a very good chance at winning.

No! You just have to feel as busy as a busy Mom to get the most benefit from the challenge.

Simply check in each day to the lesson with how much you did! Since 90% of people don't complete what they start, simply by checking in every day, you have a very good chance at winning.

Simply check in each day to the lesson with how much you did! Since 90% of people don't complete what they start, simply by checking in every day, you have a very good chance at winning.

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This is the power of GetMotivatedBuddies - choose your own times to fit your schedule.

We will offer workouts that are small and achievable. Either HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Walking, Running, and you can even use your own. The goal is *consistency* rather than intensity.

This challenge is best for moms who workout and want to stay fit but feel alone, overwhelmed,  moms who know what they need to do to workout but have trouble doing it. They're smart and committed, but life somehow keeps getting in the way.

7 Days to explore and develop the habit in tiny ways then 14 days to test it and see what sticks. This is based on principles of behavior change and the Huberman Lab Habit Creation plan. Level II will allow you to extend the length of the challenge and intensity of the workout.

Build Your Workout Habit with Buddies


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