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Cleaning is a never-ending battle. It feels like as soon as you finish one room, another one is a mess. What if there was a way to easily and quickly clean any room in your house – that you could make into a habit in just 14 days? The Clean Any Room in 5 Steps Challenge with Ann Russell can help you do just that. With a buddy to motivate you and a group to keep you on track, you can develop the habit of quickly and easily cleaning any room in your house.

ann russell clean any room in five steps

What to Expect

Two Weeks, One Room

We’ll be focusing on just one room for these two weeks, to make the act of cleaning habitual. Week 1 each day you’ll do a simple action to make the room cleaner. Week 2 you’ll practice it all again. This is a very simple 5 step process to clean any room quickly. One activity per day to learn the process. Practice it with Buddies and in a group. 


Group Power

ann russell how to clean everything

Ann Russell – author of How to Clean Everything: A practical, down to earth guide for anyone who doesn’t know where to start is a self-described ‘middle class English old bag’ – and a self-employed cleaner who recently found fame (and over 2 million followers) on TikTok, where she regularly shares cleaning and general life advice. Affectionately named ‘The TikTok Auntie’ by commenters, Ann films hundreds of video clips every month, answering questions that range from laundry stains to dealing with grief.

Her first book is full of genuinely useful tips and tricks, and advice about not just what but also what not to do. Covering everything from laundry to accidents, and cleaning room by room, it also contains sections on more general household maintenance, particularly useful for renters or anyone living away from home for the first time. Ann’s approach is realistic, reassuring and easy to follow whatever your circumstances. Her challenges put the book into practice with others.

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This is so exciting and brilliant. It is pulling me out of my dire funk already. The feeling of support makes me motivated to do things (instead of not doing anything and worrying).
Effie K.
This site was such a breath of fresh air after spending years feeling like I was just not capable of making any progress on my goals!!
red buddy
Ellen B.
Losing 4.4 lbs is totally worth the subscription I just purchased.
John D.
Gennadi N.
The app was phenomenal, I haven't had a pre-planned, self- directed, productive day like this in ever! Thank you!
Kevin H.
Got my run in, I doubt I would have gone if it wasn't for you two!
Tom R.
I can't think of an app or intervention I've used that comes close to this.I think I'll be on this app as long as I live lol.
Jennifer Y.


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More Questions?

How is this different from a course?

GetMotivatedBuddies is a behavior based platform. It is designed to help you actually do things, rather than just watch people do things.  For each day choose your own times to take action, to fit it within your schedule, while still participating with others! 

Is this live or by video, audio, or something else?

The challenge primarily consists of recorded video, and select challenges will have live group meetings and sessions with Ann. Ann may also be participating in group chats.

Why do I have to subscribe to do the challenge?

GetMotivatedBuddies Challenges introduce you to ongoing behavior change. This is a holistic platform to help you improve in all areas of your life: Health & Fitness, Work, Learn and Life. When you join you have access not only to this challenge and members, but also to thousands of other Buddies, behavioral plans and challenges in other categories.

What if I can't make this challenge?

This will be a repeating challenge and you can join the next one.

Does it matter what timezone I'm in?

Anyone in any timezone can participate.

Build Your Cleaning Habit with Buddies

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