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About Venerable Tri Dao

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Venerable Tri Dao is a Buddhist Theravada Monk with over 1.1 Million followers on TikTok. He is 34 years old and has been a monk going on 6 years now. Before becoming a monk, he studied four years of psychology (Human Development) at Eckerd College, and was a legal and medical interpreter serving all areas of medicine and all areas of law at the 6th Judicial Court in Pinellas County for more than ten years. In 2015 Ven’s grandmother passed away due to a heart attack, followed by the sudden death of his best friend Jacob Hall, which promoted him to pursue the path to peace. He suffered tremendously and was on a suicide path. Come now, he has gone public with his life, and is on a mission to inspire young people to achieve peace by exploring the teachings of the Buddha. He hopes to mitigate teen suicide and increase student resiliency across the world. in addition to his 1.1 Million followers on TikTok he also maintains followers on Instagram and Facebook. He currently conducts one-on-one sessions with people in guiding them spiritually and religiously while engaging in many projects and training other Monks in the Art of Buddhist Psychotherapy.

How the GMB System Keeps you Accountable

For every session, just check in with how much you did and earn points! Your Buddies and others in the challenge can see your check-ins to help keep you accountable.

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How You'll Improve

Participate on your own time – with others. See everyone else’s check-ins, when they checked in, and what notes they left. Get a Buddy for support

mindfulness meditation challenge points

• Feel a Part of a Group

• Get a Buddy

• Check-in

• Complete 7 Days of Mindfulness


Depending on the Challenge he will be available for a Live Session and in Group Chats.

Free for subscribers with monthly or annual subscriptions.


This challenge will be ongoing. 

Simply check in each day to the lesson with how much you did! Since 90% of people don't complete what they start, simply by checking in every day, you have a very good chance at winning.

The first place winner gets a meeting with Venerable over Zoom.

These are video based guided meditations that you can do on your own time - with others. There are also live sessions to meet others and Venerable. 

As a behavior based platform,  rather than watching people do things, GetMotivatedBuddies focuses on helping you actually do things.  For each day you can choose your own times to meditate, while still participating with others! 

Practice Mindfulness with Buddies


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