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Who is it for

Our 30 Day No Sugar Challenge is designed for individuals looking to take a break from refined and added sugars to reset their habits for the new year. If you’re someone who has struggled with sugar cravings in the past, are looking to improve your overall health and well-being, or simply want to see the benefits of a lower sugar diet, this Challenge is for you.

Consuming excess sugar can contribute to weight gain and has been linked to an increased risk of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer, and can also lead to dental problems, such as tooth decay and cavities. While sugar can give you a temporary energy boost, it’s often followed by a crash, which can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Some research suggests that consuming a diet high in sugar may be associated with an increased risk of depression and other mental health issues.

Our daily check-ins and peer support provide structure and accountability to help you discover what triggers your sugar cravings, ways to manage or avoid those cravings and how to stay on track and motivated throughout the month. So join a supportive community of like-minded individuals and take on the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge together. Join now to make this a successful and rewarding month!

Why the GMB System is 80% More Effective at Building Habits

Positive Reinforcement

For every session, just check in with how much you did and earn points

mindfulness meditation check in

Meaningful Relationships

Get a One-on-One Buddy to help you follow through with your Plans

Buddy Chat Peer Support

• Get a Buddy

• Chat

• See Each Other’s Check-ins

• Accountability Support

Group Motivation

Get motivated with the power of the group

• Leaderboards

• Group Posts

• Group Chat

• Group Calendar

mindfulness meditation challenge points

And MUCH more

GMB works because it is Holistic, Adaptable, Fun, and uses  Evidence Based Psychological Principles

• SMS and Email Reminders

• Create Your Own Plans & Challenges

• Share and Import Plans

•  Measure Your Accountability

• Earn up to 4 Buddies

• Get Auto-Matched with Buddies

• Search for Buddies 

• Maintain Your Privacy



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More Questions?

Is this live or by video, audio, or something else?

These are behaviors you can do on your own time – with others. There are also live sessions to meet others. 

As a behavior based platform,  rather than watching people do things, GetMotivatedBuddies focuses on helping you actually do things.  For each day you can choose your own times to check-in while still participating with others! 

Why do I have to subscribe to do the challenge?

GetMotivatedBuddies is a holistic platform to help you improve in all areas of your life: Health & Fitness, Work, Learn and Life. When you join you have access to thousands of other Buddies, behavioral plans and challenges in addition to this one.

What if I can’t make this challenge?

This will be a repeating challenge and you can join the next one.

How do I win the challenge?

Simply check in each day to the lesson with how much you did! Since 90% of people don’t complete what they start, simply by checking in every day, you have a very good chance at winning.

Does it matter what timezone I’m in?

Simply check in each day to the lesson with how much you did! Since 90% of people don’t complete what they start, simply by checking in every day, you have a very good chance at winning.

Is it at a specifc time? What if my schedule changes?

This is the power of GetMotivatedBuddies – choose your own times to fit your schedule.

Who is this for?

This challenge is best for individuals looking to change their relationship to sweets through abstention or reduction. This is not under medical supervision and is not a replacement for any medically supervised interventions and none of the information can be viewed as medical advice. The 30 Day No Sugar Challenge is designed to give individuals the experience of abstaining from refined or added sugar for 30 days.

Can I go longer than 30 days?

Yep. In fact that’s the point of GetMotivatedBuddies, we help you build long term habits.

You can either join or create your own new challenge for a longer period of time after this one ends. 

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