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You are 96.5% more likely to complete a goal when competing against a friend.
(Harvard Business Journal)

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  • Jason lost 20 lbs.
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"I was given a match who was actually willing to talk and reliable! Overall, this is a great program that I would recommend to anyone who needs a partner in crime to get you through your classes!"
Jessica A
Jessica A., PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Student. Goal: Improve studying.
"My assigned partner and I seem to have grown to be closer & more interested in helping and getting to know each other with more depth than a casual "nagging" reminder email now and then. So, that's nice!""
sarah r headshot
Jesskyah B., CST (Central Standard Time)
Looking for Work. Fill out Grad School application.
"GetMotivatedBuddies considered everything from personal goals, time zones to communication preferences which was useful in finding the most compatible buddy."
Liam P
Liam P., GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Student. Goal: Build a better body.
"My Accountability Partner can't be a close friend or family member because they all have their own ideas of what is best for me and may not understand the vision I have.  I've searched online throughout the past 2 years looking for a solution.  A couple of days ago I found GetMotivatedBuddies and have already been matched up to an Accountability Buddy. I'm confident my progress will be catapulted and I know my buddy will be counting on me to help him keep his promises to himself as well. "
crystal - getmotivatedbuddies
Crystal G., EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Entrepreneur. Goal: Complete an article each day.

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(All real goals.)

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Grace H.

Workout for at least 45 minutes 5-6 days of the week

Sarah B.

Wake up at 5 am.

Erika T.

Focus on thesis.