How long it will take to find a match?

Who else is signing up?

Is it all guys?  All women?

Is there anyone in my timezone?

What are they looking for?

Finally, you can see the diversity of people who have signed up so far, and where you fall in the group. (for a better quality image, click on the image).

If you’re in Eastern African Time you’ll see you might have to wait a longer time for a match.

If you’re looking to connect 1x a month, you might have to wait longer.

But if you’re looking to get fit or lose weight, you’ll have a much easier time finding a compatible person right now.

We’ve just begun our journey of building this community of motivated people. People committed to improving themselves and the world around them. We’re growing daily.

Please share this with friends. The more people like you we have, the more potential partners we have for others.

Thank you for participating so far, and enjoy this infographic!

Michael G.
Founder, GetMotivatedBuddies

buddy breakdown

GeMotivatedBuddies BuddyBreakdown



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