Your 2020 Resolutions Will Most Likely Fail – Without a Plan

80% of people will fail to stick to their resolutions for 2020.

So how do you join the 20% who manage to stick with them?

You are 10x more likely to follow through on a resolution by making a plan.

Make a Specific Plan

Planning means choosing the steps that need to happen to reach a goal.

mental rehearsal

The more specific the plan, the more likely it is to happen.

Which of these resolutions for 2020 is more likely to succeed?

“I plan to go to the gym 3 times this week.”


“I plan to go to the gym:

  • Monday at 3 pm for 30 minutes
  • Wednesday at 6 pm for 1 hour
  • Friday at 7 pm for 30 minutes

Mental Rehearsal

In the moment of choosing a day, a time, and a location, we imagine it happening, even if only for a few seconds. This brief imagining is a form of mental rehearsal.

Professional athletes mentally rehearse. Performers mentally rehearse. They do it, because mental rehearsal creates the greatest probability that they will do a behavior in the way they want to do it.

How Mental Rehearsal Works

If your brain is like a jungle, a behavior is a set of carved out pathways in the jungle from stimulus to response.

You hear a startling sound, and your shoulders raise in fear. The sound is a trigger or a stimulus, and the behavior of your shoulders raising in fear is a response, a result of the “fight or flight” neural pathway. Valium

A habit is a path in your neural jungle that’s well worn; it’s a road you take unconsciously over and over again.

When trying to create a new behavior, where you want to create a different response to a stimulus, you need to take a different neural path to get to your new destination.

That tiny moment of imagining your behavior in time and space is crucial. Mental rehearsal lays the neural pathways for the behavior to actually happen. It gently paves the road.

It’s extraordinary how such a small, simple action of imagining can have such massive effects. Here is a Stanford study on the power of mental rehearsal.

Join the site, and make your resolutions for 2020 real by making a Plan. We”ll help you make it specific, which will help you make it happen.



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